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What is 24CEDO?

Por que 24 cedo


An emergency can arises without prior notice and when the mouth hurts it generates a lot of suffering as well as great expenses: attending a dental emergency can cost more than $ 1,000. That's why we develop 24CEDO, a digital platform that, for a low monthly fee, gives you access to a professional dentist to assist you.  WITH NO ADDITIONAL COST! 

We have incredible services such as annual teeth whitening and cleaning and we give you the peace of mind that in case of an emergency, you are covered.

How does 24CEDO work?

How it works


You just have to download the APP in GooglePlay or AppStore, choose the plan that suits you and that's it! In case you feel any dental pain, you request the emergency through the application and a certified dentist will visit you, WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COST.

This small monthly fee assures you the attention of a professional in your home regardless of the schedule, EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.








  • Home assistance for emergencies.
  • Professional care without additional costs.
  • No social security number is required.
  • No credit check.
  • Tranquility and quality of life.
  • Professionals of excellence available 24/7.
  • Low cost family plans.
  • Premium treatments: teeth whitening and cleaning.



Are you sure that you will NEVER suffer dental pain? The pain does not warn and you can spend more than $1,000 to get an emergency service. Get a professional at your home every day of the year for a minimum fee. NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Do not miss the opportunity and register now. REGISTER NOW FOR FREE!

Don’t let a tooth pain cost you more than US $1000. With 24cedo we take care of you from the comfort of your home for only US $9.99 without additional cost!